About us

Thermo Polis Ltd was set up in Plovdiv in 2007. We have been on the market for ten years and our priority has always been to meet the requirements of our customers and to provide them with optimal comfort in their homes, while at the same time implementing more and more advanced energy efficient heating and ventilation systems taking into consideration the environmental impact, and working toward reducing the effects of our installations on the global climate.

Thanks to our close-knit team of young specialists, our company is able to supply comprehensive engineering services in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and gas installations.

The company comprises three main departments:

  • Commercial unit – in charge of the presentation and preparation of business proposals for the facilities and materials we offer:
    – Gas boilers – home and industrial boilers by the Italian manufacturer UNICAL
    – Gas, oil, gas / oil and fuel oil burners by Baltur – Italy
    – Water cooling aggregates (chillers) – Climaveneta – Italy and Remco – Germany
    – Ventilation convectors – Climaveneta, Thermolux
    – Air conditioning systems by Sinclair – Czech Republic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Gree
    – Home and industrial fans Venc – Ukraine
    – Solid fuel boilers, heating bodies – aluminium and panel radiators and all kinds of fittings for heating plumbing installations.
  • Design unit – developing the technical solutions.
  • Installation and repair unit – specialised teams holding the qualifications and supplied with equipment required for the construction and maintenance of the aforementioned installations.
Thermo Police Ltd can develop complete projects with comprehensive engineering services in the field of:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – residential and industrial buildings, as well as other spaces with specific technological requirements;
  • Projects under the Gas Safety Regulation, internal gas distribution networks;
  • Plumbing installations;
  • Solar systems for hot water for household needs.

The company works in the territory of Plovdiv and the surrounding region.

Its policy is focused on the integration of high quality materials and facilities, on new technology and implementation of technical solutions in line with the specific requirements of each individual building or space.